To: T is for… (GBP 3)

I haven’t found the right soundtrack for Tony and Sam’s book yet, but I found myself clicking this song on YouTube quite a few times during writing breaks… LOL


All right, let’s seriously update this playlist:


I know that song was already on the playlist for Play With Me, but it’s my Grover Beach Theme song.

She looks like a Hobbit

Someone’s cheerleading, and someone’s watching

Tony and Hunter playing soccer alone

The Sam Summers theme song (~ Susan Miller)

Taking Sam to Doc Hunter

A girls-only sleepover at Liza’s place. Boys all inclusive.

Here comes the dwarfs’ song again. 😉

Sam dancing in the studio when she thinks she’s alone

A half-kiss in the rain

She’s the wrong girl to fall in love with. But impossible to resist.

A kiss in his bedroom

Tony’s kind of music

Sam tending to Tony in the restroom

Stabbed in the back

A world breaks apart

Every story needs a happy ending

The Grover Beach kids hanging out on a normal Sunday afternoon.