To: Red Riding Hood

Book 1

Fries and a gay egg (chapter 2)

A girl on a mission (chapter 3)

A desperate wolf in a cage (chapter 7)

“Tough day, hm?” (chapter 9)

A drop into hay (chapter 11)

Hot chocolate after the rain (chapter 12)

A borrowed dress and shoes from Kansas (chapter 13)

At the ball (chapter 14)

Book 2

Before the ball (chapter 1)

A shift (chapter 4)

Wolves don’t cry (chapter 6, seeing her again)

You wouldn’t know love… (chapter 6, argument)

Under the apple tree (chapter 7)

The Copper Gauntlet (chapter 8)

One night in winter… (chapter 9)

Helpless (chapter 11, first half)

Can we go home? (chapter 11, second half)

Broken tale (chapter 12)

Happily ever after (chapter 15)