To: Play With Me (GBT 1)

PLAY WITH ME is a fast paced novella, set in North California. The high school romance revolves around sassy Lisa, who is in love with her best friend, Tony Mitchell. Rashed decisions, however, throw her into the arms of the captain of the soccer team, and with him she experiences a totally new orchestra of sensations. It’s a fun read.

Music at the party.

Grounded. No fun. (GBT Theme song)

Personal soccer training.

Karaoke perfomance with Ryan Hunter

The epilogue

One thought on “To: Play With Me (GBT 1)

  1. I just finished Kiss With A Cherry Flavour and I can’t wait until I get my next ITunes voucher!(So I can get the rest). I loving all of it. The revenge, catastrophe, romance and the humor.The way you describe a kiss is unspeakable and that is what you want in a romance not just “we kissed.” So I say thank you so much and please don’t stop writing.

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