To: Raffael

Book I

Street race (chapter 1)

Titanium (chapter 3, first half)

Testing the Honda (chapter 3, second half)

Fitness center (chapter 4)

Three in the playroom (chapter 6)

A stranger in his world (chapter 10)

Tracing lines (chapter 11)

First sight in the club (chapter 13, first half)

Safeword (chapter 13, second half)

Book II

Hands on the wall (chapter 2)

Coloring book (chapter 3)

Movies (chapter 4)

Talking about Tanja (chapter 5, first half)

Eastbourne (chapter 5, second half)

Michelle (chapter 6)

In love with a unicorn (chapter 7)

A taste of Wonderland (chapter 8 and 9)

Closer than ever (chapter 10)

Panic (chapter 13)

Book III

After Wonderland (chapter 1)

Fading color (chapter 2)

Keeping the t-shirt (chapter 2, end)

Dinner (chapter 3)

I dare you (chapter 4)

Talking in the park (chapter 5)

Race (chapter 5 and 6)

Messages (chapter 8 and 9)

Gabriel (chapter 10)

A lady bug on her leg (chapter 10)

Once upon a room in Eastbourne (chapter 11)

Overtaken (chapter 12)

Rules accepted (chapter 12)

Different words than he intended to say (chapter 13)

Shards of a broken mirror (chapter 14)

A game of truths and drinks (chapter 15)

Seven seconds (chapter 15)

Breathless (chapter 17)

Coming out (chapter 18)

The end of a night. And the end of a tale (chapter 18)

Raffael’s epilog

Sebastian’s epilog