Sexy. Fast. TITANIUM!

Everything was fine
…until Sebastian kissed me.

A tender and prickling boy-love story that will warm your heart.

This novel took me to my limits more often than I’d like to admit. But it’s been one hell of a great experience to write the story of Raffael and Sebastian. ❤

Sweet. Hot. Fast.
Book 1 of the Breathless series is out now!


My world shattered when I met my match.

I pride myself on keeping control of everything. Always. My only weakness? Reckless challenges.

After losing my car to the new street racer in town, Sebastian gives me a chance to get it back. His condition: two hours in my playroom. No safewords allowed.

While I only ever do girls in there, I accept. And when he kisses me, I reach my fucking limits.


Once in a lifetime, you meet a unicorn.

Raffael is pure Nordic ice. Controlled. Determined. And drop-dead gorgeous.

Winning his car was a lucky strike. Winning his heart when he’s so afraid of the truth, turns out to be the hardest challenge I’ve ever raced to complete.


I hope you’ll enjoy….. TITANIUM.
And if not, I’m prepared for your whiplash. 😉

❤ Anna