Time out

Dearest readers…. ❤
There’s something I need to tell you.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it feels like I can’t delay it any longer.

I’m so sorry, but The Impossibe Bet will be my last book for a while.

The past year has been busier than I expected. I hardly had the time I needed to finish this book. And more things are coming up.

I can’t tell you everything just yet, but apart from lots of author stuff like translating and traveling to book fairs and creating German audio books and such, my husband and I are also going to build a house and move some time in the future.

I know how much you all want me to write the next story ASAP, and I wish I could, but I really can’t. To be honest, sometimes it feels like I’m creatively drained a little bit.

I’m not saying that I’ll completely quit writing, God no! But I’m taking a time out. Indefinitely (at least for two years). I’ll still hang around on Facebook, so if you feel like getting in touch, just stop by and say hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

The only thing I ask you is not to aks me about more books, please. 🙂 If new stories pop up in my head and demand to come out, you’ll be the first to know! Promise!

I wish you a lovely summer!

❤ Anna