What’s happening to TONY?

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Some of you may have noticed that T IS FOR…, the third book in the Grover Beach Team series is currently not available on Amazon or elsewhere. Don’t panic! Everything’s all right.

The GBT series was originally meant to be one of novellas and short novels. T IS FOR… with its 97,000 words was far too long to fit into that scheme. Also, the editing wasn’t very well, which I only realized while I was translating the book into German these past few weeks.

I have a wonderful editor now. She already did a great job on all my other books and is currently working on Tony’s too. However, this will take another little while, and when edits are finished, I’m going to re-release the story in two volumes. There will be no change in the story or the chapter structure. The book will merely be split up in the middle.

The title of book 1 will stay the same, T IS FOR…

Book 2 will be titled KISS WITH CHERRY FLAVOR

I’ll give out a fair warning with the summary of the books on every internet retailer and sales platform. Customers, who actually read the blurb before buying a book, will notice what’s going on. No big deal.

I also put some serious thought into the book covers. Both show the same picture, but the first is kept in black and white. This way you will know the books belong together but are really two books you need to get.

tony 1 KINDLE  kiss 2 KINDLE














My apologies, if these changes confuse you. But I want the series to stick to a certain consistency. If you already read T IS FOR… in the past, don’t buy the books again. You’ll find nothing new in them. If you buy them anyway, please don’t hold me responsible for any wasted money.

The book you want to buy next is BOOK 5 in the series.

It’s about Susan Miller and her love interest. I’m not yet sure, but I might write a companion book to hers too, like I did with Liza & Ryan Hunter. This means, book 6 in the GBT series could be Susan’s story from the guy’s POV. No promises at this point! ;-)





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