To split or not to split?

Dear readers, fans and friends!

This is an informative article and also some sort of apology.

I’ve been asked whether I’m going to split DATING TROUBLE (book 5 in the GBT series) like I did with Tony’s and Sam’s book.Poppy DT

NO! I’m not going to. DATING TROUBLE is superlong—almost 500 pages—and it will stay superlong. I promise!

I made a mistake when I split T IS FOR… in two, but at that time I was determined to keep the Grover Beach Team series one of short books and novellas. Really, I planned to write Susan’s book no longer than PLAY WITH ME (which would have been one third of the final length). But if I found out one thing about myself in the past couple of years, then it’s that I’m not a novella-writer, but a full-book-length-author.

So what’s going to happen with Tony’s two books? Nothing, I’m afraid. The mistake has been made and I can’t change that back. But I’m terribly sorry. If you want to read the full story, you’ll have to buy both books (3 & 4).

As for Susan Miller’s book, DATING TROUBLE: This is her story, from beginning to end. But you won’t find the POV of her Prince Charming in it. That part I saved for another book which I’m going to write this summer. I can’t say how long that book is going to be or if it’ll live up to your high expectations. Nor can I say when it’s going to be finished or released. It will be called THE TROUBLE ABOUT DATING SUE—that’s all I know at this point.

Yeah…that’s it. I’m done with my speech. ;)

Happy reading, whatever you’re going to pick up today!




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