Hey there all!

I’ve finished the cover for DATING TROUBLE, Susan Miller’s book. It looks epic and I’m dying to show you!!

But this time, I thought I’d do the cover reveal a little different. How about a deal?

Recently, I re-released the second half of Tony&Sam’s book, KISS WITH CHERRY FLAVOR. It doesn’t matter if you read the long version of T IS FOR… before July 2014 or the split books afterward. The important thing is, that I’d love you to leave a review for both. It’s always so very hard to get my fans to take those few minutes to post something, so this time, I’m tying the cover reveal for DATING TROUBLE to a number of positive reviews on Amazon.

30 is my number!

I’ll check back frequently on Amazon, and as soon as 30 positive reviews are up for both books, I’ll let you take a look at the new cover in the GBT series. Oh, come on, don’t let me wait too long. I reeeeeeeaaaaallllly want to show you the cover. It’s my favorite so far. ;)





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