Why Lisa & Ryan?

Hey there and hi everyone!

Let’s talk turkey for a moment.

I’m getting asked one particular question more often than you think is possible.

Will I write another book for Lisa & Ryan?

The answer to that request is a simple…maybe.

I could write another book for the two of them. In fact, I even played around with some plot ideas in the past. But the far more important thing is that YOU don’t want me to write another book for them, really.

Think about it. If I returned to their relationship, I would have to come up with a serious conflict that would make writing another book about them even worth it. What could such a conflict be? Since I’m a romance author and always focus on the “get together” of the main characters, something terrible would have to happen that causes a break-up first.

What could be bad enough o bring the two of them apart? Can you think of something? Because I can. But I promise you that you won’t like it when you actually read it. Your view of the perfect couple—lovely Lisa and swoonworthy Hunter—would change forever. Irrevocably. I don’t think that even re-reading the first two books about them again afterward could restore the fluffy, happy, sunshiny feeling that you have when you think about them now.

So please, do yourself a favor and don’t ask me to write another book about them. Because in the end, I just might.

And why do you want it so badly anyway? Don’t you trust me to create equally hot heartthrobs as Ryan Hunter? Seriously…?

;-) Anna



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