Bonus Meditation

Throughout the evolution of this planet, there’ve been nations and cultures that were able to live their highest potential and were spiritually evolved in a way that allowed them to resonate in harmony with all that was. Telepathy and telekinesis were as natural to them as the use of our language is to us today, and they found extraordinary ways to pass on their legacy to succeeding worlds over millennia.

Ultimately, in order not to get burdened with the increasingly heavy energy of human kind, some of these spiritually evolved beings withdrew into a higher dimension after existing so many centuries on Earth. However, their energy still resonates today in many places of our world, and if you send out a sincere call to them from your heart, they will respond. Travel to a long forgotten world and gather knowledge about yourself there, but also about Earth and all the wonderful abilities that are available to you as a soul and as a human being in this life.


With the right music, if you like.

Settle down in a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Sit or lie down, place your palms on the part of your body where you can feel the energy flow, and start breathing slowly and deeply into the center of your head. Feel for yourself where the pineal gland is located in your brain, your Third Eye, and with each breath draw pure white light to this spot. In your thoughts, the little gland can take on any shape that feels good to you. Flood it entirely with the light you’re inhaling and, at the same time, make it shine. Like a crystal, your Third Eye radiates in all directions, far beyond your body. When it changes color, allow it to do so. Color is healing. Color is communication. Color is beautiful.

Keep breathing and focus only on letting this wonderful light shine in the center of your head. And when you’re ready, set off.

Imagine yourself walking through the narrow streets of a small, dreamy harbor. The rising sun touches the roofs of the cute houses with its golden light, and there’s a scent of jasmine and lilac hanging in the air. Only few people are out and about on this beautiful morning as the nostalgic shops open their windows and doors.

A small bookstore with a yellow sign above the door draws your attention to the other side of the street. Head over and take a glimpse through the large windows. Behind the glass, you can see countless shelves filled with hundreds of books. But the truly magical thing about it is that you can also hear them. A strange, low hum drifts through the glass pane, as if someone had struck a tuning fork. It’s the ancient call of a realm to which only a few people have access. When you hear the hum, know it’s a very special invitation just for you. Follow the sound and enter the small bookstore through the door, with a small nostalgic bell sounding out as you open and close it.

A pair of eyes twinkles at the back as a few friendly words of greeting drift to you. Master Honorius has been tending the books in this store for many, many years. He knows when it’s time to take care of his customers…and when it’s better to let them amble through the store on their own in search of a special treasure among the thousands of pages.

Wander through the lines of shelves where countless stories are kept. Look around and send out the feelers of your heart into the aisles, too. Where do you get drawn to?

When you reach the right shelf, run your fingers over the spines of the many books here. Take in their essence, their words still ringing in the air like an ancient echo. Take the time to choose the right book for this morning. You will feel it when you touch it. Then pull it from the shelf and blow away the fine dust of the tides. Open it with respect and reverence, for on these pages you will find something sacred.

In golden ink, words are written on the withered paper in a language that is foreign to you. There are symbols, letters and numbers, but also a sacred geometry that suddenly stands out from the pages like light against the dark. A pyramid of white light beams emerges on the paper and rises upward like a hologram. Look at this pyramid and feel the ancient power living inside. It begins to shine brighter and brighter, as if it were singing its invitation to you.

You reach out a hand to this light and, in the next moment, you’re enclosed by it completely. As if pulled by thousand-year-old magic, you get sucked through this portal into a wholly different world. Don’t be afraid. Just let yourself fall and be carried by the wind until you have solid ground under your feet again. Then glance around.

The little bookstore has disappeared. You are standing in the middle of a city now, beneath the wide sky. This city looks different from the harbor you walked through earlier. Temples of gold and ivory surround you, houses of white marble blocks form a majestic market place, and people walk past you. They’re clad in fashionable clothes of a very old time. Friendly, they nod at you in greeting because in this world, people speak rarely out loud. Their kindness of heart and their goodwill, however, still reach you. You sense them through the vibration of the air.

Nod back in kindness and then look ahead. On the white stone steps of a tall building that looks as if there might be a university inside, a young man sits in the shade. His legs are bent, his elbows resting on his knees, and he is looking tenderly into your eyes, as if he’s been waiting here for you for quite a while.

Walk up to him and greet him in a way you like. Then hear his voice in your head. His name is Jasparian, and he welcomes you to his home of Atlantis.

The young Atlantean invites you to accompany him on a walk through the magnificent city because he wants to tell you so many things. You can choose whether you want to continue to hear his voice only in your head, or if he should speak to you in a way that is more familiar to you. Nevertheless, he wants to teach you how you can communicate with him – and with all living beings and light beings in your environment – via telepathy.

Look deep into his turquoise eyes. Inside them, you can recognize a whole universe. Next, notice the golden band of light extending from his aura, his energy field, to yours. Where exactly it’s going to connect with your own aura, only you can see because it varies from person to person. It’s a band, as radiant as a golden sun, that functions like a wonderfully simple data line. Information flows gently in both directions, but only that kind of information which each of you really wants to reveal.

Jasparian takes you to the coast where you stand on a white beach in front of an infinite ocean as turquoise as his eyes. A couple of dolphins happily jump through the waves, enthusiastically shouting their sounds of greeting toward the shore. Greet them back, but then focus on Jasparian again.

Once you can really feel this golden bond of connection between the two of you, try to communicate with him without spoken words. Let the sounds of the words hum through this band like a delicate song. And if you wish for an even deeper connection to him in order to also perceive emotions, imagine now how thousands of small antennae of light expand from your own aura and connect with just as many threads of light from his. They entwine like little tentacles and form a loving and secure link. Everything you perceive through this spiritual tie is the truth. You’ll feel it deep inside your heart.

This kind of connection is given to every soul as a gift, to every person in your own world. But very few people know about it and so, hardly anyone uses it. Get to know this special ability within you and practice. Use the channel as often as you can to strengthen and purify it. Regularly flood the bonds you tie to others with love and pure, clearing light, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you learn to control it. Practice every day to become a master at it.

As you and Jasparian walk quietly along the beach this morning, he fetches a little stone from his pocket. It’s a transparent rock crystal, most suitable for your next lesson because of its intense power. Jasparian places it between his palms and closes his eyes for a brief moment. You know not to disturb him now because he’s deep in thought, mentally doing something to the stone. A few seconds later, he hands you the crystal and asks you to listen to his words inside.

Crystals have the great ability to store messages in their aura, just like water, fire, earth and air. You can place, speak, or send thoughts, wishes, and feelings into a crystal or other element, and then pass it on to someone else who can extract the messages from it. The crystals of your world have wisdom and experiences from millions of years stored within them. Learn to connect with their aura as you did with Jasparian earlier, and draw from the ancient knowledge and richness of experience which entire worlds have left inside them. Hear their ancient songs within and feel the gentle hum of time. And in the same breath, give something of your own history back to the crystals to keep the eternal cycle going.

Some distance away, on the beach in front of you, an oval field of light appears, forming a spiral within itself, and you sense this is a portal back to your world. Jasparian accompanies you to the portal, but there is a question you brought with you that he would like to answer before you leave. Where did Atlantis disappear to 11,000 years ago?

To disclose this secret, you must understand that great power comes with great responsibility. The inhabitants of Atlantis walked the path of mastery in their spiritual development. They could do so only as long as their hearts were pure and their intentions loving. But great powers also tend to mislead their keepers. Feelings such as pride, envy, greed, and anger lower the vibration of every living being, every element in the universe, every soul and every world in a matter of seconds. They prevent any progress.

When these feelings swept over Atlantis, they tipped the scales in favor of the fall. But not all of the Atlanteans fell. Those who were able to keep true humility in their hearts, despite the fast coming change, have ascended to a higher dimension. They still exist in a small community, right where you’re standing now with Jasparian. They left the three-dimensional world to protect their knowledge and continue to live the mastery.

The rest of the Atlanteans – the ones who fell for power and greed – were devoured by a force of nature so they couldn’t do any harm to the Earth, your home planet, with the knowledge they had. The Earth was allowed to protect itself. And so a part of Atlantis is still living on right next to you, but invisible in another vibrational field. You can’t see it or its inhabitants, but their ancient songs and their words of wisdom still resonate today.

Connect with this field. Let your soul become a part of the big picture again – all dimensions put together – and from this day on, it’ll be easy for you to build bridges into other worlds and travel like the masters of Atlantis.

Now say goodbye to Jasparian through the golden band of light which you have woven more and more intensively during your walk. Then step through the portal and let yourself be carried back into your own world. With a smile, you stand in the small bookstore in the romantic harbor again, still holding that book of symbols and sacred geometry in your hands. Watch as the pyramid of light retracts into the pages, and close the book at the end of your journey. Before you put it back in its right spot on the dusty shelf, however, place a special thought or wish into its aura for the next visitor to find.

Finally, call out a farewell to Master Honorius in the back and leave the bookstore with new knowledge that will remain stored in your own energy field forever. And if you happen to find a rock crystal in the near future, be sure that Jasparian has sent it to you from his own amazing world – from Atlantis.