A little hotter than usual

Hey there, my fabulous book-loving friends!

You know life’s been crazy when I almost forget to let you in on the news of another brand new book release. So, let’s call this a spring surprise, just for you! 🌼

Allow me to introduce you to a scintillating, bite-sized novella that’s going to ignite your reading list like never before! I know it’s a quick read, but it’s jam-packed with enough excitement to make every page count. This spicy story will have you fanning yourself as you delve into its captivating and alluring world.


Meet Collin, Finnick, and Alex
– the notorious trio of temptation at UCLA.

As a shy introvert, I know I should keep my distance from guys like them, particularly Collin, who seems to thrive on making me blush with his alluring innuendos.

The only reason I’m drawn into their world is because of Finnick. We met four weeks ago during a university lecture, and since then, he’s been my daytime study buddy and the star of my secret nighttime fantasies.

Until this very afternoon, I couldn’t have imagined my wildest fantasies turning into reality – let alone with the surprising addition of ice cubes or other elements that might call for a safeword. But as the sun dips below the horizon, I find myself blindfolded on his dining table, feeling the electrifying touch of not just one, but three captivating men kissing me in places that soon set off a dangerously seductive melody within me…

20,000 words (approximately 110 pages)
Warning: The main plotline of the story centers on a steamy foursome adventure. ❤
Harem Romance – three boys, one girl


Prepare yourself for a literary escapade that promises to get your pulse racing and leave you absolutely breathless!

💗 Happy reading, everyone!