You chose Wounded, the potion that brings Justin Andrews to you.

Today, Justin, the boy with the inner ease, wants to remind you that scars belong to life. When you go through a crises, you’ll get bruised on the way, but it’s no use focusing just on the pain. Life goes on and it still has so much beauty to offer if you let it come to you. Time heals all, so be patient and calm down for a moment to heal your inner injuries before you bravely take the next step on your path.

If you agree, Justin would like to treat your inner wounds today. Find a spot on your body where the emotional wound could be seen. Imagine it as a bleeding cut or scratch, and then feel within your heart how Justin Andrews lovingly kneels down in front of you to apply a magic band-aid to this wound.


The ingredients to his potion for you are:

A pouch full of comfort,
a ladle of knight errantry,
and the sparkle of true friendship.


The book that belongs to Justin Andrews is TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS.

When a wolf and a tiger are playing in the woods…

Camp sucks.

I should be on a plane to London, heading into an epic second year of college. Instead, I’m stuck on Frog Pond Mountain, tasked with supervising a horde of pubescent teens, all because I had some minor run-ins with the law.

But I came here with a plan: next weekend, I’m escaping from the boondocks and swindling my way back into civilization. Unfortunately, my brilliant plan B couldn’t foresee one small, pretty hot detail: Justin Andrews, alpha to the wolves …