You chose Trust, the potion that brings Sebastian Rhyse to you.

Today, Bash, the loyal young man from South England, would like to remind you that you’re never alone. Even if you only have a few friends, there is a whole team of companions in the spiritual world who take care of you every day, give you a nudge in the right direction, and patiently watch your wonderful development. Connect with this team and get to know every single light being from it. They can be angels, spirit guides, elves, dragons, or actually even book characters and fairy tale figures. Anything you can imagine is possible. And everything you feel inside you is the truth. Allow yourself to believe in it.

If you agree, Sebastian would like to be your companion in the invisible world of stories for the next five days. Feel his presence next to you. Learn from him how to trust in yourself and in everything you can imagine. And if you shall doubt for a moment, know that his trust is strong enough for both of you.


The ingredients to his potion for you are:

the sound of screeching tires,
and a special tattoo.


The book that belongs to Sebastian Rhyse is UNFAIR LOVE.

My world shattered when I met my match.

I pride myself on keeping control of everything. Always. My only weakness? Reckless challenges.
After losing my car to the new street racer in town, Sebastian gives me a chance to get it back. His condition: two hours in my playroom. No safewords allowed.
While I only ever do girls in there, I accept. And when he kisses me, I reach my fucking limits.

Once in a lifetime, you meet a unicorn.

Raffael is pure Nordic ice. Controlled. Determined. And drop-dead gorgeous.
Winning his car was a lucky strike. Winning his heart when he’s so afraid of the truth, turns out to be the hardest challenge I’ve ever raced to complete.