True Love

You chose True Love, the potion that brings Riley Redcoat to you.

Today, Red Riding Hood from the Wood of 1000 Dawns would like to remind you of love. It’s that powerful force in the universe which allows us to exceed our boundaries. Remember how it felt when you were in love for the first time. How your eyes sparkled and what an enchanting smile sat on your lips most of the time. Nothing was impossible for you. And the most wonderful thing about all of this is that it’s this inner glow precisely that magically attracts people to you and lets you win their heart.

If you agree, Riley would like to take you to fairyland for the next seven days and show you what true miracles are made of. She will bring joy back into your life and teach you that you have to love yourself first before the rest of the world can love you.


The ingredients to her potion for you are:

A thrilling adventure,
3 wild strawberries,
and the first page of a special storybook.


The book that belongs to Riley Redcoat is A PRINCE FOR LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD.

When Red Riding Hood decided to catch herself a royal.

Every time someone opens a storybook and reads the four magical words “Once upon a time,” my granny gets eaten a few hours later. Boy, it sucks! I wish my tale had a cool ending, like Cindy and Briar-Rose got. Along with a castle and a dashing prince to marry.

Did you ever kiss a frog? No prince pops out of that. Trust me, I’ve tried. Seventeen frogs, and nearly one warty toad—for nothing.

What I get is Jack. Alas, he’s unsuitable for a romantic ending. The Wolf simply lacks the manners for that. And obviously, a crown. Because, off the record: love only happens among royals in Fairyland.

Since royalty doesn’t just rain from the sky, I’m going to build a prince trap tomorrow, and then I’ll write my new ever after. It’ll be so good…

*cough* Hi, I’m Jack Wolf—yes, if Riley gets to say something here, so do I. ^^
And she better forget about this harebrained idea to elope with a royal. We’re not going to rewrite anything. If she wants to make out with somebody, she can do it with me or no one.
Oh, and…it will be good.