Movie project NEVERLAND

Help me make a movie happen! ❤ Get a reward!

This is for all the bloggers, book people, Facebook group admins, YouTubers, movie lovers, authors and Neverland fans!!

You’ve asked me a million times to have my book NEVERLAND turned into a movie. I never knew how, but now I just might.

We have a plan. 🙂

I’m setting up something really BIG to make the right producers aware of my novel. I can’t do it alone, though, and need all the help I can get. A bunch of people are already into it, but we still need hundreds and hundreds more.


If you’d like to be part of this monster project, please send me a PM on Facebook or an email to (subject line: Project Neverland) and I’ll explain everything about this yet top secret project to you. Everyone involved will get a little thank-you-gift from me, too.

Together, we can make it happen! With faith, trust and pixie dust… 😉

Thanks to everyone who’s joining Team Neverland.