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The Storybook Festival is an Austrian event founded by award-winning author Anna Katmore and romance novelist Jessica Raven.

What began as a fleeting idea to bring authors and their fans together in a cozy atmosphere, quickly grew into an event which attracts readers from all across Austria and Germany each year.

The founders’ wish was to create an ambience where authors can dedicate more than just two minutes to each individual reader. Contrary to the overcrowded international book fairs such as Frankfurt, London, and Bolognia, the writers here have their own tables where their fans can sit down for a chat, have a drink with their idols, get books signed, ask all their burning questions, and take pictures with their favorite authors.

After the launch in May 2017, which was planned to be a one-time-event only, Raven and Katmore found themselves confronted with countless fan requests to repeat the festival in the following year. Struck by the wave of enthusiasm, they started planning a second festival that drew an even wider audience than in the year before.

Today, the annual Storybook Festival is a tradition that many authors and readers anticipate.

2019, the festival will take place in the familiar surroundings of Upper Austria again.

Date: May 2, 2020

Location: Hofschänke Obergut – 5280 Braunau/Upper Austria

The list of attending authors will be updated each week.

Interested published and self-published authors are welcome to send a message to Anna or Jessica, but please note that, for the high amount of inquiries, the number of participants is limited.

For all readers and visitors the entrance is free.

Jessi & Anna are excited to meet you!


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