You chose Stardust, the potion that brings Samantha Summers to you.

Today, Sam, the feisty girl with the fringed hair, wants to remind you that there’s a wonderful gift burning inside you. Take some time to find out exactly what your talent is, and then express it through your creativity. If your gift is to infect others with your cheerfulness and you love to draw, for instance, try to paint special pictures for your friends. Express your wonderful strength in an extraordinary way. Your talent is calling from within you. It wants to be carried to the outside.

If you agree, Sam would like to accompany you for the next five days so that you can draw from her cheerfulness and creativity. Think of her as your friend and your teacher as she helps you express your gift in a whole new way. Watch out for small impulses these days that may take you to a music store or a drawing studio. Dare to try new things.


The ingredients to her potion for you are:

A touch of greatness,
3 splashes of loyalty,
and the light-fingeredness of an artist.


The book that belongs to Samantha Summers is T IS FOR…

“I don’t know what’s currently going on in Anthony Mitchell’s mind, but you’re definitely taking up a lot of space in there.”

Life isn’t easy for Samantha Summers, daughter of an army general. Moving from one continent to another every other year helps a teenage girl learn 4 different languages in record time. But it’s also killing her social life. And when a totally hot guy in her new hometown gives her hell, because she’s the cousin of a girl he once dated and who then spurned him, the prospect of the coming school year makes Sam want to call it quits.

There’s just one thing even more unnerving than all that put together. For some strange reason, she can’t seem to stop daydreaming about this impossible guy.