Your Soul Journey

Aloha, dear child of the stars!

It’s wonderful to meet you.

This particular page shall be all about you and the light of your soul. If you’ve read and enjoyed the meditations in my book SOUL JOURNEYS and came here because of the invitation at the very end, I’m happy to keep my promise. Below, you’ll find one more soul journey as a bonus.

However, if you’re here for the first time, I’d like to introduce myself to you now.

Hello, my name is Anna, and I always found it quite easy to communicate with the spiritual world. Half my life, I’ve been building bridges between people and their angels or spirit guides. Many light-filled messages I receive also come from the elven world and the realm of dragons and fairies, because these magical beings have accompanied us since the beginning of time. Some of us can hear them just a little louder by now.

But the truth is that really everyone can communicate with the wonderful beings from other dimensions. The easiest way to do this is with imagination. Give yourself permission to dream and believe in fairy tales and miracles, then soon a world will open up to you like you’ve never seen before.

My special offer for you!

I’ve learned that many people can find spiritual development and soul healing through individual soul journeys. Everyone has their own spiritual companions in this life, including you, and they want to support you in every possible way. Sometimes, it’s just a bit difficult to understand them, and that’s exactly why I’d like to offer you my help with communication. For me, it’s easy to connect with the spirit guides, angels and companions around you if you give me permission do just that.

And to show you what can come out of it, I have a little gift for you. Click the following meditation link and let your imagination run wild for a few minutes.


If you enjoyed this kind of inspiration, I’d like to offer you a little bit more. A meditation written exclusively for you with the help of your angels and spirit guides. With your permission, I’ll connect with your companions and channel a soul journey just for you.

Tell me in a message for which special theme you want to receive a personal channeling. Therefore send an email to
and put the word Meditation in the subject line.

Usually, you’ll receive an answer within a day or two.

The price for a written meditation as you could read in the Bonus Soul Journey is 70 €.

40 short meditations

Finally, if you want more magic in your life and need some inspiration, I’d like to introduce my book 40 MAGICAL SOUL JOURNEYS to you.

Evoke an ancient magic within you!

A journey to Avalon or a past life, a visit to a magical wishing well, an encounter with a will-o’-the-wisp, the young warrior Arthur giving you a sword as a gift, and a conversation with a thousand-year-old dragon are just a few of the extraordinary moments that await you in this book.

Give your mind room to unfold and let your soul wander. Through 40 wonderful short meditations, you will experience healing and reconnect with your own soul. You’ll gain confidence and grace, and attract success and happiness into your life. Your world will change in a way you never imagined possible.

The easiest way to a free and fulfilling life is imagination. Give yourself permission to dream and become the hero of your own world.


From the heart,