You chose Silence, the potion that brings Jace Rhode to you.

Today, Jace Rhode, the charming young man who never backs down from a challenge, wants to remind you that silence is golden. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve and often can’t keep yourself out of heated arguments? Then practice silent observation and form an answer, an opinion or a judgment only in your thoughts first in any situation. Many things that are said carelessly can lead to trouble. Become the master of your mind and speak only when it’s necessary.

If you agree, Jace would like to accompany you for the next four days, so that you can draw from his inner peace and copy it. Find out how surprisingly attractive it can be to remain quiet for a moment and just observe the room from a special and mysterious perspective. Become the center of attention through your silence.


The ingredients to his potion for you are:

A touch of tenacity,
a little secret on the lips,
and the fine art of saying nothing.


The book that belongs to Jace Rhode is THE IMPOSSIBLE BET.

The Wager:

Three kisses. Two of which must be initiated by the girl—a girl my friends select for me. I have just under two weeks.

If I win, I get the coveted role of Tristan in a stage production.

If I lose, I’m still in the play…in the worst possible way. Playing Isolde in lacy underwear is something I may never live down!

The bet should be a piece of cake—until my friends pick my conquest. My quirky new neighbor, Pippi Longstocking in Pink. WTF?!

Oh, and did I mention I’m not allowed to speak to her? At. All.