Hello, young writers!

If you’re looking for an experienced author to help you get started with your novel, or just need a professional eye to find the holes in your first chapter, blub, synopsis or query, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a well-established author of romantic fiction, with ten successful books out on the market. I also translated all the books into German myself, so I happen to know a little about writing.

What can I help you with?


First chapter critique …… $100
I’ll work with you closely on the opening of your book. Using “track changes” and comments in MS Word, I will point out in great detail what works and what doesn’t. There are tricks for grabbing your readers, and there are big mistakes you should avoid.

First chapter critique+ …… $120
Same as above, but you’re welcome to resend your revised first chapter and I’ll take another look.

Crafting a catchy blurb …… $50
For this kind of service, you need to have a detailed synopsis at hand. We’ll go from there and work on the blurb until you’re happy with it. 4 resends maximum.


Agent queries …… $80
Together, we’ll work on your professional query letter and make it stand out from the crowd.

Synopsis critique …… $50
Synopsis is a writer’s equivalent to a curse word! I’ll critique yours and offer help with shortening it to the required 1-3 pages for agent queries.

Book translations …… $0,18 per word
I translate books from English into German and the other way round.
Please note that I’m very selective about the material I read and translate. It has to be fiction, it has to be romance and it hast to catch my interest from the very beginning. I don’t charge any reading fees, but if I feel that your book isn’t right for me, I’ll pass without giving reasons.


What I don’t do:
Proofreading! Make sure you do have a competent proofreader at hand who looks over any text before it goes out.

I do not guarantee any sales or contract offers from my services.


If there’s something on the menu that fits your needs, send an email with “author help” in the subject line to

Tell me a little about your book and your publishing experiences, if you have any. Also let me know what service you’re after. I will respond within 24 hours whether I can take on your job or not, promise!