script: No Prince for Riley


As Red Riding Hood obsesses over finding a fairy-tale prince and her own happily ever after, the big, bad Wolf begins to plot over how to convince her that he is her real true love.

NO PRINCE FOR RILEY is Once Upon a Time meets The Duff


When Red Riding Hood decided to catch herself a royal.

Every time someone opens a storybook and reads the four magical words “Once upon a time,” Riley Redcoat’s granny gets eaten a few hours later. Boy, what a mess! She desperately wishes her tale had a cool ending, like Cindy and Briar-Rose get. Along with a castle and a dashing prince to marry.

Did you ever kiss a frog? No prince pops out of that. She tried. Seventeen frogs, and nearly one warty toad—for nothing.

What Red Riding Hood gets is Jack. Alas, he’s unsuitable for a romantic ending. The Wolf simply lacks the manners for that. And obviously, a crown. Because, off the record: love only happens among royals in Fairyland.

Since royalty doesn’t just rain from the sky, Riley plans to build a prince trap and then write her new ever after…



Genre: na fairy tale romance

Page count: 96

Sequel: Jack’s Ever After

WGAW registration number: 1965380