script: Julian


A transitional angel is sent to reconcile a cancer-ridden woman with her difficult teenage daughter who spent half her life in an orphanage. As he does, he falls in love with the girl and wants to become human.

JULIAN is The Last Song meets Twilight.


Jona was dumped in a London children’s home when she was five years old. She never knew why, only that she wasn’t really an orphan. Six weeks before her eighteenth birthday, she’s caught stealing and sentenced to live with her estranged cancer-ridden mother and an unknown family in France.

What Jona doesn’t realize is that her arrest was set up by a supernatural being.

Julian is her mother’s transitional angel and does everything he can to reconcile mother and daughter. It’s a fight against time where each day counts. In those two weeks, Julian falls in love with Jona and wants to become human, but he can’t as long as Jona doesn’t believe in love.

Only when Jona accepts her true feelings after her mother’s tragical death, Julian can return to earth and stay with her as an ordinary guy. If Jona lets him…



Genre: coming of age fantasy romance

Page count: 106

WGAW registration number: 1990089