You chose Passion, the potion that brings Chris Donovan to you.

Today, Chris, the go-getter of the twin brothers, wants to remind you that every goal needs to be pursued with dedication. If you carry a certain wish in your heart, it’s never enough to just sit back and hope for it to come true. In order for energy to flow to you, you have to send out the right energy, too. Take the first small steps today that will bring you closer to your goals. And even if the first attempt doesn’t immediately bring the desired result, you sent out a call to the universe that you’re now ready to tackle the matter energetically. Every call, every form of energy in a particular direction, no matter how small, is amplified a hundred times by the stars.

If you agree, Chris would like you to join his group of friends for the next two weeks so you can learn and benefit from his passion for getting things done. Let his fire catch you and embark on whatever you wanted to do right now.


The ingredients to his potion for you are:

Ants in the pants,
a focussed look forward,
and 5 words in Spanish that nobody understands but which mean to world to someone.


The book that belongs to Chris Donovan is THE TROUBLE WITH DATING SUE.

“When hell freezes over!”

Chris Donovan can’t believe that Susan Miller just brushed him off like a fly in midsummer. He certainly wasn’t looking for a girlfriend when he followed her into detention. All he wanted was to show this little smart-mouth that no girl can resist his charm when he decides to woo.

It’s a plan that thoroughly backfires.

No matter what Chris does to crack through the snappy nerd’s barriers, she blocks his every advance. Worse, she only seems interested in his quiet twin brother, Ethan. But Chris never walks away from a challenge, and Sue’s stubborn resistance only makes him try harder.

To put a hickey on her delectable neck during a friendly game of soccer is one thing. To make hell freeze over and snatch a kiss is another. But when a strawberry and some molten chocolate lead to five hot minutes in his kitchen, the stakes of this challenge unexpectedly rise…