You chose Papyrus, the potion that brings Susan Miller to you.

Grover Beach High’s bookworm suggests that you pull a book you already read from the shelf and read it once again. Read what’s good for your soul. You need to understand that the stories from the books actually do happen in other dimensions. Let yourself be enchanted and carried away into other worlds so you can regain far-sightedness and imagination. Because imagination keeps you young and makes your inner light shine. Sometimes, you’ll even find truths and messages in “completely random” books that change your life. Every now and then, just open a book to a random page and discover the surprising answer to your current problem. This is how your soul companions speak to you.

If you agree, Susan Miller would like to accompany you to the nearest bookstore and, through a small impulse, put just the right book into your hand. Keep your mind open and embrace what comes.


The ingredients to her potion for you are:

Ink on your fingertips,
letters that blur in front of your eyes,
and a message on an unexpected way.


The book that belongs to Susan Miller is DATING TROUBLE.

Susan wants Ethan, and Chris wants Susan.

Drawn to Ethan and intrigued by Chris, Susan Miller finds herself caught between identical twin brothers at her school. When both of them start wooing her at the same time, she only has to take her pick. Right? Wrong! Ethan is reluctant to kiss her, and Chris wants her for the completely wrong reasons.

Nothing like his obliging and sweet brother, Chris Donovan has trouble written all over him. He changes girls like other guys change t-shirts, and the next trophy on his little list is Susan. That’s the last thing she wants, yet she finds herself responding to all the goodnight texts and other cheeky messages Chris sends. The guy has a way of getting under her skin like no one ever has before.

How long will it be until Susan falls for his smooth charm and gets herself into more trouble than she can possibly handle? And where does that leave Ethan?