You chose Happiness, the potion that brings Brinna McNeal to you.

Today, Brinna, the charming girl with the pink hair, wants to remind you that every cloud has a silver linging. Even in the hardest challenges and setbacks you can find something that makes it all worth. When things don’t work out the way you planned right off the bat, take some time to think about why that course of events might still be important to you. Often, you just realize much later that the worst situations in your life have brought forward the most beautiful things in the end, and in unexpected and miraculous ways, too.

If you agree, Brinna would like to be a special friend to you at this moment. Learn from her how to keep your focus on the beautiful side of events, even in difficult challenges. You’ll see how happy it can make yourself to be the reason for somebody else’s smile.


The ingredients to her potion for you are:

Undivided attention,
strawberry milkshake,
and a ticket to Disneyland.


The book that belongs to Brinna McNeal is THE IMPOSSIBLE BET.

The Wager:

Three kisses. Two of which must be initiated by the girl—a girl my friends select for me. I have just under two weeks.

If I win, I get the coveted role of Tristan in a stage production.

If I lose, I’m still in the play…in the worst possible way. Playing Isolde in lacy underwear is something I may never live down!

The bet should be a piece of cake—until my friends pick my conquest. My quirky new neighbor, Pippi Longstocking in Pink. WTF?!

Oh, and did I mention I’m not allowed to speak to her? At. All.