For real fans!

To all book lovers!


Did you know that each of you is in the very position to either help an author write more books or let her novels drown in the sea of books out there and so make her stop writing stories for you?

Why is this so important and what can you do?

We authors love writing. Writing for you and writing for ourselves. Or else, we would find a 9 to 5 job that’s better paid than this. 😉

But it’s in your hand, if we survive on the book market and can afford to keep writing.

There are four simple things every reader can do and should do to support their favorite authors and show them some love and loyalty.

  1. Buy the books and don’t download them from any book piracy sites!
  2. Write a review and post it on Amazon and all the other reviewing sites you know! The text isn’t important, so don’t let that stop you. It’s the high * rating that really counts!
  3. Recommend the book to your friends and family!
  4. Share their Facebook posts and blog posts on your own sites!

Without all these things, no new readers will find and buy those books. And well, that was that. No more writing.

But if you want to be an extra sweet fan, you can even do a little more:

  1. Invite your favorite authors to a guest post on your blog.
  2. Do interviews with them.
  3. Share excerpts.
  4. Create some book promotion with any Photoshop program and share it on Facebook.
  5. Like all their posts and articles.
  6. Comment on Facebook posts.
  7. Interact with them.
  8. But don’t push them to finish the next book by the end of the week.
  9. Fan mail is very nice, but it takes time to read and reply to them all. Instead of sending a personal message in which you gush over the book and its characters, do what it says in #2!!!
  10. Find other intriguing ways to show those authors that you care.

You get the picture? Yeah, I know you do. 🙂

Now go forth and do whatever you can to make an author happy and help him or her to keep writing those amazing books that you love so much. Because, seriously, wouldn’t it be sad if you didn’t get another book in your favorite series?

It’s in your hand! ❤

Thanks for listening and understanding the importance of this!