You chose Daydream, the potion that brings Nick Frederickson to you.

Today, Niklas Frederickson, who appears in all five books of the Grover Beach Players series, wants to remind you how important it is to dream. You want more magic in your life, so let it come to you. Don’t limit your mind just because you don’t believe that fairy tales, book characters, angels or fairies could actually exist in reality. If you think like that, you’re wrong. We’re all surrounded by wonderful beings of light and invisible magic, and we can all feel them deep within us. Allow your imagination, the wonderful key to other worlds, to run free and dream up the world as you want it to be. Because every thought comes from the silent nudge of a being that wanted to show itself to you for a long time. Dare to venture beyond the limits of your world and create your reality as wondrous as your soul demands.

If you agree, Nick would like to spend three days with you and show you how to create true miracles. Because miracles don’t have to be visible to everyone. They grow deep in your heart, and only there you will find your own truth. All humans are different and perceive their environment in just as many differetn ways. Learn to create with your heart and you will be able to fly.


The ingredients to his potion for you are:

A fleeting thought,
all colors of the rainbow,
and star dust.


The series that belongs to Nick Frederickson is GROVER BEACH PLAYERS.

  1. Play With Me
  2. Ryan Hunter
  3. T is for…
  4. Dating Trouble
  5. The Trouble with dating Sue