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Writing a book is absolutely fantastic, isn’t it? These many wonderful stories inside us need to come out and fly off into the world.

In all this ecstasy, you shouldn’t forget about one very essential thing, however. A professional opinion.

Especially for young, aspiring authors, a critique in the early stages of their work in progress can be vital. Often, the stories burn so hot inside us that we can’t even write fast enough to catch up with everything the characters have to say. Here lies the danger of missing important details. They might not make it from our thoughts right down onto the page. And in the long run, it’s those things that will make the difference between a bestseller and a school assay.

In those times, it’s a huge help to have someone at your side with the right knowledge and experience who catches all these little things for you and brings them back into the script.


Why Me?

I love stories. The written word. Books that you can’t put down before you read the happy ending.

But more, writing is my profession. I’m an award-winning author of 12 romance and fantasy novels, with many bestsellers among them. Since 2015, I regularly give workshops for aspiring writers, who don’t just rely on their talent and some luck, but who also strive to learn all the tricks and techniques to write with an emotional impact.

What I offer:

Writers who work with me receive a thorough line by line edit for (exclusively) romance novels in all sub-genres. Such a critique covers:

  • the perfect beginning
  • character development
  • POV
  • show, don’t tell
  • dialog
  • plot development
  • the right conflict
  • expression
  • word repeat
  • over-all

What I do not offer is a proofread. Of course I’ll correct any typos I see, but please be aware that a critique doesn’t replace a copy-edit or proofread of the final version of your book!

A critique means to pick your work to pieces, analyze it, and spice it up, so it’ll provide a maximum of entertainment in the end. Ideally, any thorough critique should happen while you’re still writing the book – chapter by chapter. This way, I can get out the best of your story, and you can adjust the concept where it’s necessary, without having to change the entire finished book that follows.



I charge $9 per page, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman.
Payment will only be accepted through PayPal and is due prior to receiving my notes.



I’ll ask you to send me the first chapter of your novel as a word document. Each chapter will be discussed separately. I’ll start my critique after I received your payment and will send the chapter back to you within seven business days.

You’re free to decide to stop sending me chapters whenever you want.

With the word functions “track changes” and “comments”, I’ll work on your manuscript and make detailed suggestions on how to improve your writing.

More, I love to be in close contact with my clients, so we can discuss big changes through email.

Before I’ll accept any assignment, however, I preserve the right to take a look at the first chapter to evaluate the state of the manuscript. If I don’t see myself fit to help you in the right way you need, I’ll pass.



If you have any questions, please contact me at
I’m excited to get in touch with you!