Translation Service

Writing is a craft you need to learn like any other profession
if you want to become an expert.
Book translation is, too.

What makes me your best choice?

As a bi-lingual romance and fantasy author, I published my first bestseller in 2012, and by now I sold over a million e-books worldwide. Since 2016, I’m giving workshops for aspiring authors in both languages. In 2017, I founded the annual Austrian event The Storybook Festival. And in 2020, I decided to help my fellow English and American authors to bring some of their most beautiful stories to the great German audience.

Being a translator, for me means I take on the role of an ambassador with the magic of words. To try and compare English to German is like trying to compare wind to rain – both are elements but they couldn’t be more different. Since I feel equally at home in both languages, my specialty is not to just translate line by line but to transfer the essence and deep emotions of a story from one language into another. My job is to create a reading experience as if the book wasn’t a translation at all. And in this regard, you will benefit from my know-how and skills as a bestselling and award-winning author.

Genres I prefer to translate

Children’s books

Genres I do not translate


Turn-around time

In case you have a deadline for the translation, please get in touch early. Once I start with your novel, I should be able to get 5,000 words done per week.

Translation fee and payment

I charge 0.06 Euro per word of the source text.
Self-publishers may ask for a discount.

Once my job is done, my trusted proofreader will polish the work. Price is included.

Payment has to be made through a bank account or PayPal in two steps. 50% upfront. I’ll send you the first half of the translation as soon as it’s done, not polished at that point. If you decide to go on, the final 50% of the price are due before I continue.

If you cancel the job in the middle of my work, no refund to any payments will be made.
The copyright to the translated work will be yours to do with however you desire.

Let’s get started, shall we?

If you’re interested in working with me, please send an email to and put “book translation” into the subject line. Tell me the genre and word count of your project, and also let me know whether you’ve already published this book in English.

If you want to check my qualification, please take a look at my own list of novels that I translated from English into German myself. Or check out the German FALLEN GUARDIANS series by Georgia Lyn Hunter, which was my latest translation project.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your characters!


Books I translated

ABSOLUTE SURRENDER by Georgia Lyn Hunter -> German title: EWIGFEUER
ECHO, MINE by Georgia Lyn Hunter -> German title: ENGELSECHO
BREAKING FATE by Georgia Lyn Hunter -> German title: SCHICKSALSSEELE (Coming out in September 2022)