Angel Wings

You chose Angel Wings, the potion that brings Julian to you.

Today, Julian, Jona Montiniere’s protector, wants to remind you that you, too, have a guardian angel who is always there for you. At your birth, he came to Earth with you, and he will always watch over you until your last breath. Consciously welcome your guardian angel back into your life and connect with him. Tell him really anything that crosses your mind and imagine how he puts his wings protectively around you. Imagine it until you can really feel it.

If you agree, Julian would like to be an additional guardian angel for you for the next seven days. Notice his aura around you and feel how he sends his blessing into everything for harmony, love and lightness. Lean on his chest whenever you need his nearness and with it find back to your very own guardian angel again who watches over you for all times.


The ingredients to his potion for you are:

The tear of an angel,
the gentle beat of a wing,
and the breath of time.


The book that belongs to the angel is JULIAN.

He was never a part of my plan…

Twelve years ago, when my mother chose her violent lover over me, my end of the deal was a room in an orphanage. Thank God, in six weeks, I’ll be eighteen and free!

Except, a certain stupid sweater in my backpack—okay, okay! I didn’t actually pay for it—lands me at court. And, look at that…my mother is back, too.

I want to keel over dead when the judge sentences me to time in France with her. Actually, I take that back, I want her to keel over dead! And then somebody says she has cancer. Wow, I’ve never had a wish fulfilled this fast. But until that happens—or I turn eighteen, whichever comes first—I’m required to work in some unknown family’s vineyards.

Yeah, right…

France, however, holds another surprise for me. Julian.

He doesn’t miss a chance to provoke me, and for some reason he seems to foresee each step of my brilliant escape plan. What the hell—?

But then he makes a tiny mistake. And suddenly, I’m confronted with a secret that makes my blood run cold.