You chose Adventure, the potion that brings Jamie Hook to you.

Today, the young captain of the Jolly Roger, who is the source of countless legends, would like to remind you that all that glitters is not gold. It’s time you learn to see the world not only with your eyes, but also with your heart. Rumors arise far too quickly, and a superficial veil covers the truth. Don’t believe everything you hear, but get your own idea of any situation. For it, use all your senses, including your clairvoyance. You sense much more than you might believe yourself.

If you agree, Jamie would like to take you on an exciting adventure into another realm where soon you won’t believe your own eyes anymore. Because that’s when you’ll learn to open your heart to your surroundings and perceive them on a much deeper level.


The ingredients to his potion for you are:

A mouthful of rum,
a bite into a golden doubloon,
and a never-ending moment.


The book that belongs to Jamie Hook is NEVERLAND.

Strange things are happening in Neverland…

Although Angelina McFarland loves reading fairytales, she never dreamed of falling right into one herself. Literally! But who is this flying boy who saved her? And why doesn’t he want to grow up?

Desperately trying to find a way off this cursed island, Angelina runs into a ruthless pirate. Hook captures her and keeps her trapped on his ship, the Jolly Roger, to lure the flying boy out of his hiding.

But is Hook really the heartless man she heard about? The more time Angel spends with him, the more she starts to wonder. Her growing feelings for him are as intense as shocking, and soon she can’t stop thinking about how soft his lips felt on hers when he kissed her under the stars.

As time passes, an old train ticket to London is all she has left to remind her of her former life and why she can’t give up trying to find a way home.

Or is staying in Neverland forever the better choice after all?

Grab a happy thought and follow Angel on an adventure that will keep you breathless and smiling long after you read the last page…