A walk through Grover Beach

Hello, dear friends!

Let me take you on a little journey through Grover Beach. 🙂


All right, where shall we begin? Oh, I know. Remember when Liza said goodbye to Tony at the train station before he and his friends – and of course, Ryan Hunter – left for the summer soccer camp? Here’s what it looks like. Hm, it reminds me a bit of platform 9 3/4. LOL

Train Station

And here’s a house that isn’t the exact replica of Liza’s house, but the room on the first floor could totally be hers. There’s even an easy way out through the window. 😉

liza's house

Grover Beach from above.


Hunter’s house and the entry hall of Hunter’s house. Hunter's houseDo these stairs ring a bell? Oh, I do remember him carrying her up there…staircase









This is a shot of the beach, where Liza did some personal training with her very own playboy.grover beach

With a little imagination (just think all the blue parts of the house were white) you can see Hunter’s beach bungalow here.

Hunter's beach house

And here’s the swing on the wraparound porch. swing on the porch of Hunter's beach houseRomantic, isn’t it? Well, I think it is, and now I’m wondering why Liza refused to join Ryan on it. Hm. :/

This could be any other house. Or…it could be Tony’s. 😉

Tony's house

And since we’re already talking ‘house’, here’s a picture of Chloe’s. Sam is living there during book three. Nice, huh?

Cloey's house

The gazebo in Hunter’s garden. GazeboMGnpond

And finally…a kiss on the swing.