Adrian’s story is complete

Hey there, my gorgeous bookworms!

OMG, I know y’all have been on pins and needles waiting for this, and trust me, I haven’t ghosted you. It just took a hot minute to craft Adrian’s tale in a way that would make him beam with pride. But now, it’s finally done, and let me just say, it’s been one intense adventure in Canada’s frosty wilderness.

Now, don’t get me wrong, every book baby I’m working on holds a VIP spot in my heart, but this time, I was shook when a couple of extraordinary characters waltzed into my imagination, begging me to spill the tea on their story.

And, like, how could I resist?

Give a warm welcome to the ON THIN ICE series!



The winter after I tossed my high school graduation cap into the air, I make a beeline for Canada, seeking solace in a six-month retreat. My mission? To care for horses and breathe new life into the charming farm of a warm-hearted elderly woman. Moonbreak Falls promises to be my haven, my escape from a life of whirlwind family drama and emotions I locked away for far too long.

Just as I’m sinking into the comforting embrace of frosty days, Ruth’s grandson bursts onto the scene like a fierce, unyielding snowstorm. This captivating hockey player has the appearance of a fallen angel, and his arrival cranks up the heat on the once tranquil farm. Determined to steal my first male kiss, his electrifying methods sent my heart racing, pounding out an exhilarating new rhythm. Love? That was the last thing I ever imagined finding in this icy paradise!

Yet, North Beckett crashes into my life with an intensity I’m not prepared for, and suddenly all I can do is count fireflies amidst the winter chill.


Both books are dropping like it’s hot on June 3rd, 2023, and guess what? You can totally pre-order them starting right now!

Have a beautiful spring, my lovelies!
❤ Anna