A new one for you!

Hi guys!

After 15 months away from writing, I finally fell into the Rabbit Hole again and penned out a super sweet teen romance for you. The book holds a tremendous share of my own heart, and I hope you will all feel the magic, too, when you read the story of Sandy & Thane.

It’s my way of saying thanks to all the people out there who once fell in love with my debut novella PLAY WITH ME and who never grew tired of asking me to write something of that kind again.

So here you go, my friends. SEVENTEEN BUTTERFLIES is for you!


The embarrassment of being the only unkissed girl in high school is something Sandy Cardington refuses to accept. The first kiss project is her foolproof plan to finally get rid of the status at her 17th birthday party, while her parents are out of town.

With several kissable boys on her guest list, this should be a walk in the park. But she didn’t count on her older brother returning from college and throwing a wrench into her plans. To make matters even more complicated, he has a friend in tow, and the cute hockey player stirs unexpected butterflies in her stomach every time their paths cross.

While Sandy moves heaven and earth to make her party and project come true, it looks as if Thane Griffyn has his own plans to teach her the real meaning of a first kiss…


You can get the book on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited!

❤ I’m wishing you the best time of your life with SEVENTEEN BUTTERFLIES!