My Secret Vampire

Hey folks! ❤

Have you ever thought about running away from reality and spending your holidays in a haunted castle in Transylvania?


Then I’ve got the perfect escape for you! ^^


For nineteen years, I was just an ordinary Californian guy. Until I almost died in an accident, and Count Dracula suddenly stuck his teeth into my throat.
As his great-great-grandnephew and rightful heir, he ships me off to freaking Transylvania to learn how to be a vampire the hard way: with no staff to eat, no chance to escape, and no Wi-Fi. It’s just the place to go mental. And starve.
But there’s this girl. Abigail… For some reason, she likes to roam the dark and musty castle. She claims to know nothing about vampires, but I swear she tries to kill me every damn time we meet. I would have invited her to be my dinner last night if she hadn’t fled with something very dear to me. My fang.
Now, I’m waiting for sundown to find her and get my tooth back. And then I’ll kill the werewolf that howls in the forest, because that’s actually the one condition under which Uncle Vlad allows me to return home.
But the wolf problem is harder to solve than expected. And Abigail’s cookie-like scent is making me do really stupid things…

The book is on Thanksgiving sale for $0.99 or you can read it on Kindle Unlimited for free.
And just in case… here’s the official book trailer, too. I just thought it would be fun to have one. 😉

Have a few lovely and romantic days with My Secret Vampire!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!
❤ Anna