The boys from the CRUSHED HEARTS series are back!

To all of you who fell in love with Raff and Bash!

Finally, here’s book 3 for you!


Sebastian came into my life in small, intense doses. Until I was addicted.

Now, breaking that addiction hurts worse than anything I’ve ever gone through before. I no longer know who I am, who I was, or even who I want to be. My world is shattered like the shards of my broken mirror. And seeing a bit of myself in all of those pieces, I know I’ll never be whole again. Not without him.

Raffael doesn’t believe in change. In possibilities. In us.

My heart bleeds as I walk away, even though it was necessary. But sometimes all it takes is one glance over your shoulder to realize that you can’t stop fighting just yet. That maybe the battle is worth it. It’s when you see the love of your life looking after you…breathless.

~ ❤ ~

Now take a deep breath and finish the sweet & steamy gay romance about the cutest guys of all England.

Let’s see if TITANIUM is still a good safeword. 😉

The complete CRUSHED HEARTS series:
1. Unfair Love
2. Broken Dawn
3. Awaking Trust