New book ahoy!

Here’s a little something for all my English and American readers….

A few weeks ago, I started writing a new romance, and I’m exploring a whole new genre this time. It’ll be a boy-love story.  🙂

Did you ever think I’d one day dive into the gay genre? Well, not me for sure. But when Raffael broke into my mind, it was with such an incredible force that I couldn’t turn him down. He’s such an adorable sweetie and he wants his story told. And when a character gets so loud in my thoughts, I’m always happy to comply.

His love interest is Sebastian, and the guy sure gives Raffael a hard time figuring out where his heart really lies.

I would have never dared to believe that writing a boy-love book could touch me so deeply. I love writing every chapter of it, every line, every single word. It’s shaping out quite nicely so far, and in the end there’ll be three books in a mini series.

Some of you always hope that I’ll add a little sex to my books here and there. Well, in this one, you’ll get your wish fulfilled, and yet it’s still a sweet romance bearing the stamp of my voice as you’re used to it.

Book one is already finished. Currently, I’m in the middle of book two. As soon as those two come back from my editor, I’ll give you a release date in the near future. September would be great for the first part, with two months in between each book. Keep your fingers crossed. 😉

And I so hope you’ll love my two guys as much as I love them. ❤

By the way, if you want to follow up on the progress of the story, you can hop over to my new Facebook fanpage and leave a comment or just see what’s happening in the stroy. I’d love to meet you there! 😀

Have a great rest of the week!