The new series style

Hi folks!

Damn, long time no see, huh?

Well, the first half of this year was incredulously busy. I’ve been attending quite a few book fairs here in Austria and Germany, gave workshops, and had to plan and arrange so much more.

But the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing nothing but writing. And heck, THE IMPOSSIBLE BET is finished! *putting in the song “Despacito” and doing a happy dance*

I also designed a cover for this book, brand new and soo pretty. I hope you’ll agree with me, when you see it. However, the style of this cover is very particular, and since it’s going to be the prequal to TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS, I need to get some consitancy back into the series.

Therefore, Chloe will get a new jacket, too. And before I’m going to show and tell you everything about Brinna and Jace in a coming-up post, I thought you might want to see the brand new cover for TCS first.

Here you go… *please love it, please love it, please love it!* 🙂

For all the cool news about Brinna & Jace, stay tuned! ❤

From Anna, with love.

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