RONE Awards 2017

Hey folks!

It’s RONE AWARDS time! And I need your help, please!

My book Taming Chloe Summers is nominated for the RONE Awards in the USA. For it to become a finalist, it needs to be voted by the readers. Everyone can vote, but you have to be registered on the InD’Tale site. That’s really simple and quick to do.
I’d be sooo, sooo greatful if you could gift me two minutes of your time and vote.

And that’s how it works:

• Register here
• Uncheck the boxes for newsletter and e-magazine, if you don’t want to receive them.
• Log out and check your emails!! Follow the link there to verify, then go to RONE AWARDS week two
• Scrole down to: NEW ADULT 2017
• Check „Taming Chloe Summers – Anna Katmore“ in the list
• Click VOTE and you’re done.

❤ Thanks to everyone who’s supporting me and my book! ❤

Love, Anna

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