Knock knock, Remy….

Hi all,

Today we’re doing something unusual, maybe even a little weird. I have a special guest with me, who didn’t say much in the past few years. Mostly because he’s dead.

His name is Remy and he’s the twin of Jay Crownover’s sexy hero Rule. I fell in love with this book a long time ago and recently rereading it made me dig out a very special charakter interview I did right after reading it the first time. But good stories never get old, eh? ^^

So whoever read the book RULE in the past will surely remember Remy, who passed away even before we got to know him. Jay and I thought it would be cool to knock on his tomb and offer him a cup of coffee to warm his hands while we’re going to put him through a gentle grilling. 😉

Here goes… Remy, the nice twin.

Me: Hi Remy. It’s really cool of you to step out of your grave to meet me here. Can I offer you something? Tea? Cookies? A little makeup to get rid of the pallor?

Remy:  I look good pale. I’m fine thank you.

Me: Oh yes, he really does look good. 😉 Now do tell, have you ever thought about haunting anybody in the real world, just for fun? 😉

Remy: Sure why not…I would mess with Rome. He’s too uptight.

Me: Ahh, the poor guy, LOL. Would get the shock of his life, I believe. Have you been listening to what’s going on in this world with one ear, or were you totally oblivious to all the crap happening around your family?

Remy: My family has always been complicated, and Rule and my mother have always had a difficult dynamic. Knowing that whatever is or isn’t going on is not a surprise to me.

Me: How does it make you feel when Shaw or Rule are coming to your place (at the cemetery) and talking to you, and you can’t answer?

Remy: Awful…I just want to smack both of them and ask them: Why are you being so dense?

Me: Yeah, wouldn’t hurt to rattle them awake sometimes. But I know, even if you can’t talk to them, they actually do listen. Or try to make it right, just because they know it would make you proud. Apart from the people you loved, what do you miss most about being alive?

Remy: Coffee and chit chatting with Shaw.

Me: Let’s hop back in time for a few years. When you first saw Shaw, what was your first thought?

Remy:  What a pretty, sad little girl. You can’t help but want some of that love that pours out of her for yourself.

Me: Would it have hurt you to see her hook up with your twin?

Remy: No. They belong together. They need each other.

Me: Is it okay to touch on the gay topic?

Remy: It is what it is.

Me: Did you know that your parents knew about it?

Remy: I kind of figured they did. The more they tried to turn my relationship with Shaw into a THING, the more I realized they were trying to change the outcome, or hoping for things that just weren’t ever going to be there.

Me: What was your worst fear if your brothers found out?

Remy: It wasn’t fear for me. I didn’t want to try and reason with Rule. He would never have just let me live my life…he would have pushed and pushed for me to just be out and open, even if that wasn’t what I wanted for myself, until it caused a rift between the two of us. And Rome would have felt like he had to protect me from anyone and everyone that had an issue with it. The world is much more tolerant now, but Rome is a hero even when you don’t need one. I do regret they never got to meet Lando and see how happy we were together.

Me: Being a little sister, I totally understand what you mean about Rome. Big brothers can be a little overly protective at times. (No offense, Daniel. I love you 😉 ) How did Shaw find out and how did she react?

Remy: She always knew. I never told her, we never talked about it, she just knew. Kind of like she just knew Rule was it for her. She is an amazing friend…look at the lengths she went to for me even though it ultimately cost her so much.

Me: Yeah, that girl sure is special. If you could reincarnate, would you want to be born into your family again, like as Rule and Shaw’s child?

Remy: No. I lived a good life. I don’t need a redo.

Me: What were your favorite clothes to wear?

Remy: I always looked good. The clothes don’t make the man and all that.

Me: How did you feel when your brother started getting his skin inked? Were you hurt because he tried to be different?

Remy: No. He was always artistic and different. He was always about forging his own path and making a statement, all the ink was a form of self-expression…and let’s not kid ourselves, he loved the hell out of pissing mom and dad off with it. Besides it was let him and Nash practice on each other or get badgered into being a guinea pig for them. I never could tell him no.

Me: Ah yes, if you look at it like that, LOL. How did you deal with the fact that you were the good twin and Rule the…well, the troublesome one?

Remy: We weren’t good or bad…Rule isn’t a bad guy…he’s just Rule. In fact in terms of who was good or bad I think lying to my brothers and hiding behind Shaw, even though she let me do it, made me far worse than Rule ever was.

Me: If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be? I know you want to say you wouldn’t get into that car the night of the accident, and I really wish I could make that happen for you. But apart from that one thing, what else would you change?

Remy: I would never have used Shaw as a buffer. I loved her, I mean LOVED her and I didn’t ever show her that in the right way. She deserved better from me, and I often wonder if Rule would have seen her and her feelings for him much sooner if I had never used her as a shield.

Me: That is a major regret. But then I think, however things turned out in the end, it was best like that. Who can tell if their relationship would have worked out when they still were teenagers and trying to find themselves. Sometimes, being a little older is very helpful.

If you could talk to one person in your family now, what would you tell him or her?

Remy: Rome. He has a hard time letting people fend for themselves and is always trying to take on everyone else’s burdens… I would tell him life is short and everyone needs to live and learn on their own. Look at Rule and Shaw they figured it out without him, even if it took a while.

Me: That’s true. Now, let’s drop the serious talk and go for some less meaningful chit chat. What’s your favorite type of car? Color?

Remy: Now I would say one that is safe…I like black.

Me: Jay and I are going to do our first tattoo today. You’ll be our guinea pig. 😉 What do you want us to ink on your skin?

Remy: The quote “Love is what makes the world go round, it’s what makes the ride worthwhile” by Franklin P. Jones.

Me: That’s beautiful. And where do we put it? 😉

Remy: Wherever Rule thought it would look best would be my guess…he’s kind of bossy about that stuff.

Me: What is the one question you always hoped that someone would ask you, but no one ever did? And how would you answer?

Remy: Would you have tried to hook Shaw up with Rule earlier on if you knew she would have ultimately helped him deal with some of the issues that made him so emotionally distant?

I don’t know if she would have been able to do that without losing me… So no, I guess it happened for them the way it was supposed to.

Me: I’m glad you’re thinking like that about it. Okay…are you ready to go back now, or would you like to hang out in the sun a little longer?

Remy:  I got one more brother out there acting the fool, so I might have to stick around and see how that works out. And I love Nash like a brother, so I would like to see him find a happily ever after. We’ll just have to wait and see if I pop back in every now and then.

Me: If you do, drop by and say hello. Just not at night, that would scare the crap out of me 😉 Thanks for coming. Interviewing you was seriously awesome and probably the weirdest thing I ever did. Now, have a safe journey back and… rest in peace, dude.

2 thoughts on “Knock knock, Remy….

  1. I jut looked up this interview again a few months ago. I had a hard time finding it because it was so long ago. It’s nice that you reposted it. I read it when you originally posted it. Recently, I read Leveled (Lando’s novella ~ Remy’s boyfriend) and it made me think of this character interview. I wanted to find the interview and post in the review. It was nice getting to read the interview again. I thought it was a really neat idea to do a character interview with Remy since he’s dead. I’m really happy that there is a character interview with him and we get to hear his thoughts. Leveled made this interview relevant again.

    The comment about being reincarnated as Rule and Shaw’s child is interesting. Rule and Shaw do end up having a little boy that has Remy’s temperament. Rule was worried that he would have son that is a handful like him but Ryer (I can’t remember how to spell the name) is an easy going baby.

    I want to reread Rule. I like the whole series and the spin off series.

  2. Rule is the only book I red from her so far, but when I have some time, I really want to dig into it again and go on reading. She has such a great way with words that makes reading her books a wonderful experience. 🙂

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