The Impossible Bet

Hello dear friends!

I have wonderful news I want to share with you. Well, news might be the wrong word, but it’s just amazing how, after such a long time without writing, I’m finally entering a whole new world again. The world of Brinna and Jace.

The idea to the story has been on my mind for months, but there was just not the right time to write it. Now it is, and I’m making wonderful progress.

Some time ago, I gave you a promise. When the first kiss in the book is written, I’ll show you the cover. It’s time… 🙂


I’m especially proud of this creation of my own, because I think it makes a wonderful starter book for my new adult series: FALL FOR ME. Book 2, Taming Chloe Summers, is already out, but I know how avidly some of you have been waiting for the prequal to come out and tell the beautiful story of Brinna and Jace.

I hope, I can do your expectations justice with this story. But be assured that there will be, as always, some sit down and fan yourself hot kisses. There will be humor, there will spunk, there will be dancing. And maybe – just maybe – there will also be a small, tender love scene in it.

Be prepared for my sweetest book yet to come with The Impossible Bet!

Love always,

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