Brinna and Jace

Hey you!

I made such lovely progress with my new book SHUT UP during the past couple of weeks that I’d like to share a litte something with you today. I think it’s about time to reveal the cover text. 🙂

Here we go…

❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤

TITLE to come soon

The Wager:

Three kisses.
Two of them must be initialized by the girl—a girl my friends are going to choose for me.
I have a little less than two weeks.

If I win, I get the role of Tristan on stage.
If I lose, I’ll still get a part in the play…a crappy one. Me as Isolde in lacy underwear is not my idea of fun.

The bet would be a piece of cake—until my friends bring in my conquest. My weird new neighbor, Pippi Longstocking in Pink. Yikes!

Oh, and did I mention that I’m not allowed to speak to her? At. All.

❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤ ………. ❤

I know the style is a litte different this time, but I hope you’re looking forward to the release of this book as much as I do. And frankly, I can’t wait!! ^^

I just wrote the first kiss in the book, so with any luck, a release is possible in late spring. I won’t make any promises, but I’ll give my best. 🙂

Because this is the real prequal to TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS, starring Brinna and Jace, I’ll pack both books into a new adult series called: Fall For Me. If there’ll be a third book in the series I don’t know. But in love and writing, anything is possible. 😉


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