A brand new year, a brand new book!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been out of touch for so long, it feels like three quarters of an eternity.

But now, all of “the end of the year” stress has fallen off of me, there are no acute book fairs to plan, all German audio books are in progress, and I can fully embrace my crazy writer mind again. Boy, I’ve missed it! 🙂

Starting with the brand new year, I also started a new project which I’d love to tell you a little about today.

Do you remember TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS? Also remember, who picked her up at the airport at the end of the book? Right…… Jace. *aaaaah* Sorry for swooning a little myself right now, but I’m plannung big things with the guy.

The idea is to write a prequal to Chloe’s book, staring her best friend Brinna McNeal and telling the story of how she ran into her happily ever after. Brinna is some quirky whirlwind in pink, while Jace has got to shut up through the entire book. How that’s going to turn out, I don’t know, but be assured, I’m as curious as you are. 😉

I’m not very far with the story yet, only just finished the first chapter, so all I can give you is a sneak peek into the opening and hope that the book will be ready to release in summer.

Or wait, maybe I have just a little more. How about I show you my imagination of Jace Rhode?
Okay, here goes…


The guy dresses up nicely, doesn’t he? And he undresses nicely, too. ^^
With this cute face in mind, it’s easy to write him…..sexy and hawt!

And now, all I can hope for is that you’ll enjoy the first meeting.



“So, are we done negotiating? Three kisses, no slap, no talking, no love and all before October eleventh.” Which actually gives me a little less than five weeks.

“Sounds like the outline of an intriguing wager,” Vinnie cheers and raises his beer to seal the deal. Laurence nods and then we all clink our bottles in the middle, me still standing beside the beanbag and Law using his can.

“So, which girl do you have in mind for my practical test?”

“I already told you, it can’t be anybody you know. I’ll have to think about it.”

Jeez, this is like waiting for the raffle to stop rolling when you don’t know if you’re in for an awesome trip to Hawaii or end up with an ugly old umbrella including holes in the fabric that you have no idea what to do with. “Fine, just make sure she’s single. I’m not going to turn into the relationship breaker for a cast in the play.”

A second later, the door opens and Kilian walks in, a nondescript smile on his face. “Have you met that chick moving in three doors down?” He rakes a hand through his hair that is as dark as mine, only that his is a few inches shorter, pressed flat to his head. “She’s weird.”

Someone’s moving into 403? That apartment has been empty for months. But then I shouldn’t be surprised it’s being taken again. After all, it’s the beginning of the term, and our school owns the building, renting apartments out to their students only. She must be going to the Arts Academy, too. Probably a freshman.

“Weird how?” Rick is the first to ask what’s on each of our tongues for sure, while I take the six pack of Bud Light out of Kilian’s hand, throwing him an additional screwed look for the light beer.

“They didn’t have the normal stuff,” he apologizes with a shrug then faces Cedrick. “And weird because…. Well, think Hallo Kitty meets Abby Sciuto fom Navy CIS. That would be her.”

Kilian’s description creates a very bizarre picture in my mind. Sounds like the type of girl who walks on a graveyard in the dead of the night—and then has a cupcake picnic there.

Before I can even think this thought to end, Laurence claps his hands once, jumps up, and cheerfully points a finger at the door. “That’s your girl.”

“What?! No, wait!” I lift a hand to cut his enthusiasm and bend down to put my beer on the coffee table. “I’m not going to walk blind into this!” She could be a total freak, and then I’d rather opt out of the wager and pass up on Tristan’s role completely. “Let me catch a glimpse. If she looks halfway dateable, the bet’s on. If she’s scary, you can send Vinnie on stage.”

The sadistic Irishman doubtlessly would have loved to send me into it without knowing, but in the end he agrees with a reluctant nod. So I walk out into the hallway.

403 is a few doors down and at the other side of the carpeted corridor, the flat facing South while mine overlooks Grant Ave. Piles of cartons are towering over something pink that hunkers in the middle, rummaging in one of them, looking for whatever.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s a unicorn there on the floor and not a girl, because all I can see is a shiny raspberry colored ponytail—no, make that two—long and straight at the back of her head. I dare a few steps closer, curious what more I’ll find behind those cardboard boxes.

“Hah!” her call breaks through the silent hall as she jumps up, and I jump back.

“Whow!” In a manner of reflex, I jerk both hands up in front of me, fending off whatever’s attacking.

Between thumb and forefinger, she’s holding up a single silvery key, probably the reason why she’s still outside her apartment, and it takes her another moment to notice me. “Oh, hey.” Her arm drops but the corners of her mouth lift.

I just stare, literally speechless and not because of the bet.

Kilian’s description was dead on, except he actually missed to mention the Pippi Longstocking aspect. Although her black dress lacks three inches to be called conservative, there’s only two fingerbreadth of skin flashing naked before the rest of her doubtlessly presentable legs are covered up in black and pink striped overknees.

“Ahmm…” She points a finger at me, turns around to the elevator at the end of the hall as though she’s looking for someone, and then back to me. “Do you live in…there?” Her rapt blue eyes dart from my face to the door behind me.

Do I break the rules already if I say yes now? I chew on the inside of my cheek then go for a safer nod.

“Oh, cool. Then you must be Jace.”

Must I? I raise both eyebrows.

“Your friend said so two minutes ago.” She smiles. It looks lovely, except for the rhinestone set in her right upper front tooth. That in fact looks weird, like she ate a pixie for lunch. “I’m Brinna. McNeal.” Moving around some boxes, she comes forward, holding out her hand. “My friend and I are just moving in…umm—” She turns around once more, cutting a glance to door 403, as if she needs to make sure it didn’t run away while she left it unoccupied for a second. “There.”

Taking her hand, I draw her full attention back to me, making her ponytails fly over her shoulder. She’s short. Or maybe she isn’t, but compared to my 6’1, she’s a dwarf. I’d have to put her in high heels to make her eyes come up level with my lips. Yet, from all I can see, she’s not the biggest fan of that kind of shoes. A pair of black pumps with buckles is sulking by the boxes while she’s standing here completely without.

“So you’re going to the Arts Academy, too? Sure, you must,” Brinna McLongstocking answers that one by herself, her forehead creasing while she muses, “since you’ve got an apartment in this building. Are you a freshman, too?”

I’m still holding her hand. Silently. It’s small and fragile, with nails as pink as her raspberry hair.

“No wait, you look older. Second year? Or is it graduation class already?”

I don’t know why, but her babbling makes me smile as I search her eyes again. They shine with the same excitement I felt, when I moved here from Denver last year. Even though she dresses really odd, she’s definitely not a big city girl. Possibly from just outside. Novato, perhaps.

“Hey, sweetcakes?” Rick’s voice drifts through my open door and cuts right between us. Of course, they could hear every word she said.

For a moment, Brinna studies my face with curled lips, obviously trying to decide if the detached voice is addressing her or me. Tilting my head should give her the hint.

“Ahh…yes?” she finally calls back, narrowing her eyes at the door now.

“Are you single?”

Jeez! He didn’t really just ask that! I roll my eyes, but then I’m curious to what she’ll answer.

One, two, three, four, five confused blinks at me. Then she lifts her chin and calls again, “Yes. Are you?”

“No. But Jace is.”

Slowly, her puzzled gaze wanders back to my face. “Aha.”

Now, there’s only barking laughter inside my apartment. But I suddenly wonder what it would be like to seduce a pink whirlwind like her. Without saying a word…

Pressing my lips tight, I smile wider and let go of her fragile hand. Then I turn around to walk back into my flat and bang the door shut. The morons on my couch look up at me, expectant like kids on Christmas morning. So I fold my arms over my chest and present a smug grin.



5 thoughts on “A brand new year, a brand new book!

  1. Brinna’s story sounds cute! The guy in the pictures is handsome. I’m sure the whole bet thing will come back to bite him in the butt. I like that first scene. I still have to read Chloe and Justin’s story. My opinion of Brinna went up in Tony’s story when she really seemed concerned for Chloe. Before Tony’s book, I just thought that Brinna and Chloe’s other friend were just superficial friends. It was nice to know that they showed concern for Chloe towards the end of Tony’s book.

  2. Who’s an eager beaver for this book? I am! 🤓🤓

    Can we just fast forward to the part where the book is writtten, so I can read it already?? 😜

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