Winter Special Giveaway

Hey my darling readers!

I realized it’s been aaaages since I last posted a giveaway. Think it’s about time to put one up again, eh? 😉


  1. TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS is up for sale on Amazon for $0.99 right now. Grab the book, read it and post a review for it on
  2. Copy the URL of your review and post it in a comment right here. Once there are 100 reviews up for this book on Amazon, 4 people out of all entries will be picked to win a prize.


If you already put up a review for this book in the past, you can of course enter as well. Just post the URL here as mentioned above, but remember, it must be on


One lucky winner will receive a goodie pack, including

  • a lanyard keychain
  • I KISSED A BAY SHARK – lip balm
  • NEVERLAND-theme bracelet
  • 2 signed bookmarks
  • pen
  • bath bubble
  • sweets
  • & a $10 gift card from Amazon



Runner up winners 2, 3, and 4 will get a $10 gift card from Amazon each!



All winners will be announced right in this place as soon as 100 reviews are up for TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS. Please bookmark this page and come back to check once in a while, if you’re one of the lucky ducks. If you find your name in the winner announcement, please contact me here or send an email to:!

Good luck to all of you and thanks for reading my books!!! ❤

Love, Anna

3 thoughts on “Winter Special Giveaway

  1. Hey Nicole, es freut mich total, dass du mitmachst, aber dieses Gewinnspiel ist nur für die Seite, nicht für die deutsche. Da es um 100 Rezies auf der Amerikanischen Seite geht, kann ich die da leider nicht mitzählen. 😦
    Vorschlag: Übersetze die Rezi und poste sie noch mal auf die richtige Seite. Die Links findest du im Text. 🙂

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