Thoughts of a non-writing writer

Hi everyone!

First of all, let me say sorry for being a little absent lately. There are so many things on my mind these weeks that I just didn’t find enough time write whatever.

There’s a huge book fair in Germany next week that I’m being invited to, Alyssa and I are still working on the screen play for Summer of my Secret Angel, I’m giving writing workshops, and my muses are still on hiatus.

All in all, there’s really a lot of cool stuff going on in my life right now, but it all keeps me from finding the time to get into a new story, dive into a new adventure with new characters of a new book. I miss it – oh my God, do I miss it!! – but it’s not something I can control. The muses have always been talking to me when they wanted. I could never summon them, just because I wanted to, LOL.

Basically, that also means that you’ll have to wait a while for a new book to come out. There are a few back burners in my drawer which I will get to when the time feels right – which would be so cool if it happened within the next five minutes!!!! 🙂 – but to be honest, I doubt it will be anytime soon. Maybe when all the stress in my current days ease and I can get my head clear, there will be more room and silence to hear my muses in there again… 😉

Until then, I wish you a wonderful fall! ❤
Take care everyone and enjoy the season!

Love, Anna




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