Hi everyone!

If only you could see my big smile right now…. 🙂

I’ve got amazing news! It’s about SUMMER OF MY SECRET ANGEL. Guess what?
I met a director and a producer from L.A. and they both are very eager to turn this book into a movie.

Okay, screeeeeaaaaam, everbody! Now! 😀


To tell the full story, you know how big a wish it was of mine to turn NEVERLAND into a movie. The problem with it is that Hollywood holds the copyright for Peter Pan until 2023. You can’t produce it independently, and to get Disney to take a look at my book is a really tough job.

However, I tried with a detour. I wanted to produce an epic cinematic book trailer for NEVERLAND and asked some independet producers for help. Most of them found the project still too hard to realize, because even a trailer of 2 minutes would eat up some serious cash of 50,000 to 100,000 dollars and more. Trying to crowdfund that project was an epic fail.

But I don’t mind…

Because among those filmmakers I contacted about NEVERLAND was also a young woman who knocked me off balance with her most simple, most enthusiastic and most surprising message. She said, “Hey, let’s do a feature film of your other novel, SUMMER OF MY SECRET ANGEL.”

And that’s how it all started two weeks ago. 🙂

Her name is Alyssa Stratton. She’s a director and already hooked a producer. I’ve been in constant contact with Alyssa ever since, and today we’re going to get started with working on transfering the book into a screenplay. I love her eagerness and her passion about the story. She’s doubtlessly the perfect person to get the right mood of it onto the screen.

Once the screenplay is ready, it’s the job of the producer to find grants to fund this project. It will be hard and time consuming, but nothing’s ever impossible. I’m sure we’ll find some good places to start looking for support. I’m a believer, and hopefully so are you. 😉

And now, wish us luck and cross your fingers! I’m so excited about seeing two of my favorite characters in action soon. ❤

I’ll keep you posted. 😉

Love, Anna


3 thoughts on “And… ACTION!

  1. Hi!!!! 🙂 this is so exciting! 😱 I can’t wait! By the way, how are the actors going to be chosen is there any way my friends and I can be a part of it ?
    P. S I love all your novels!! 🙂
    Thanks 🙂 xoxo

  2. Yeeeees!! It is so very exciting! 🙂
    The actors will be chosen in a professional casting once it’s time for that. The casting will certainly be open for everyone, but for the role, experience in acting will be required.
    But it’s still a long time until then. Things don’t move that fast. LOL
    We’re still working on the screen play for now.
    Everything should be perfect in the end, and that takes time. 😀

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