NEVERLAND – let’s make it a movie!

Have you ever watched a Peter Pan movie and wondered what would have happened, if Wendy had given “the kiss” to Hook instead of Peter?
Or what kind of man that little boy would have become if he had been forced to grow up?

In Neverland, we see the magic through the eyes of a woman, not a child.
I want to bring this magic to the big screen so I need to get Hollywood’s attention.

With a 2-minute cinematic-trailer, I could show the film industry my vision of a romantic Peter Pan adaptation. The trailer would be created by a talented young film team and uploaded to YouTube for everyone to watch for free.

But to do that, I need your help, so please join my Kickstarter campaign. There’s a whole host of rewards, from free copies of the book, to meet and greets with me and the cast, or a day’s author coaching.

Writing Neverland was an exceptional experience for me. I was able to alter the original story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up, any way I wanted. And so I bring you a hero who commands a pirate ship rather than playing hide and seek in the woods, and all the romance missing from the classic Peter Pan.

In a film of my Neverland you would get more than special effects and battles. You would get romance. Help me bring it to the big screen, and watch how my heroine falls in love with a ruthless pirate. How she sees beyond his rough surface while trying to find a way back home.

dream cast for neverland

How it works:

Go to Kickstarter:

Pick an amount you want to donate and your reward. You will then be asked for your credit or debit card number. Nothing happens with it as of yet. No charge. All that happens is that your amount will be added to a fictional pot.

At the end of the 60 day period, if the needed amount of $ 50,000 is achieved, you will be charged exactly the amount you offered. If the campaign fails, nothing will be booked off your card. Sound fair? 😉

Once the trailer for NEVERLAND is done and available on YouTube, a network of bloggers will help me get the word out. In this way, I hope to catch the attention of an established producer.

If you like the idea of a love story in Neverland, please support my project and let’s bring on this change together.

Thank you! ❤

Anna Katmore

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