Warning: Camp withdrawals guaranteed!


It’s sweet.
It’s hot.
It’s a camp romance.

Taming Chloe Summers

Warning: Camp withdrawals guaranteed! 😉

Taming Chloe
To get in the perfect mood for the book, you can start with a tiny teaser right here.

Happy reading!


It’s past ten, the camp is quiet, apart from the squeals inside the girls’ cabins, and it’s warm enough to take a stroll. Wandering through the wood, I whisper to Brinna for half an hour, telling her everything that’s happened so far, including my struggles with Justin and the stupid report he has to file about me at the end of camp. Hearing her voice and compassion lifts my dreary mood after the strange things Justin said during dinner. I don’t want to end the call tonight, but Brin is supposed to meet up with Kirsten soon, so I let her off. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to talk to Kir or Les right now, nor should they know about Justin being here at camp with me. Before we hang up, I make Brinna swear on the holy bible that she will keep it a secret for now.

The phone tucked safely in my tight pocket again, I amble back to the cabin. One foot already on the bottom step, some movement near the bushes catches my eye. Is one of the girls sneaking out? The gravel crunches beneath my shoes as I stalk over. “Hey! Who’s there?”

I shriek, having nothing short of a heart attack, when a person jumps out of the bush. It’s not a girl—too tall and burly for that. The flattened hair and plaid shirt revealed in the moonlight tell me it’s Greyson. “Boo!” he says, coming forward. A feather is attached to a band around his head, and his face is smeared with some black mud.

A shiver travels down my spine. Maybe it’s his strange appearance, or just the evil look in his eyes tonight that makes me back away, but letting him get closer seems like a stupid idea. Every muscle in my body tenses for flight, and when he takes a step forward, I turn and run.

I only get about two steps before I crash into a rock-hard chest. Angling my head up, I see a feather similar to Greyson’s sticking up at the back of Justin’s head. His eyes twinkling in the moonlight, he cracks a sinister smile as he wraps one arm around me, snapping my arms to my sides and holding me immobile. The other hand he claps over my mouth.

“Good evening, Chloe,” he purrs with nothing but dark amusement edging his voice.



5 thoughts on “Warning: Camp withdrawals guaranteed!

  1. I’m not a big fan of reading I’m extremely picky with the books I read. Rarely can a book catch my attention so much but I have to say not just this book but the entire Grover Beach series has captured me 1000% . Each and every book is amazing in its own way and story. I’ve read each book without a doubt more than 5 times though I originally bought it through my kindle after awhile I just had to get it in paperback edition and have read each one multiple times again without it ever getting less amazing… I purchased Taming Chloe Summers the day it came out but wasn’t to sure how I was going to feel about this book for some reason but was completely shell shocked by how drawn to it I became the warning is completely dead on Camp Withdrawals beyond Guaranteed read this book in two days and I’m already hopeing she decides to publish an 8th book

  2. No doubt they will your an incredible writer… Justin’s character is beyond lovable i liked him when he appeared in Both Play with me and Ryan’s point of view book but in this one he’s completely taken my heart away ❤️ …. Is a Jace book in the makings ? Would we have something to look forward to ?

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