New jackets

…because no one likes wearing the same clothes forever. 😉

On time for the grand release of TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS on Thursday, the entire Grover Beach Team series got new covers. It’s meant to make a visible difference between the teen books and the new spin-off, which is taking a turn into hotter spheres and therefore can’t be a real part of the series.

The cover for Chloe & Justin will stay the same. But here’s the brand new, fabulous rest!


Play With Me – GBT 1

GroverBeach1Englisch E-Book

Ryan Hunter – GBT 2

GroverBeach2Englisch E-Book

T is for – GBT 3

GroverBeach3Englisch E-Book

Dating Trouble – GBT 4

GroverBeach4Englisch E-Book

The Trouble with Dating Sue – GBT 5

GroverBeach5Englisch E-Book

And the wonderful new book with the unchanged cover

Taming Chloe Summers

Coming JUNE 23

Taming Chloe

2 thoughts on “New jackets

  1. When is this finally being released?? I can’t find a definite answer anywhere!

  2. The books are all out already, they are only getting new covers is all.
    And TAMING CHLOE SUMMERS will be released tomorrow, JUNE 23. 🙂

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