Getting personal with fans

Hey there everyone!

I’ve got a story to tell. 🙂

autorenLast weekend, I attended my first ever book fair. ROMANCE 4 YOU! It’s a new kind of author-reader-convention in Germany, and I was one of 18 special guests. Needless to say that I was anticipating this event since the moment I got an invitation!

But even though I knew it would be the greatest thing in my writing career so far, I never dared to dream of THIS. So many people came from all corners of Austria and Germany, some even from Swizzerland, only to get a little personal with my fellow writers and me. I scribbled into dozens of autograph books and even put my signature on some Kindle or tablet covers. My fans totally flashed me with so much love!

collageWe talked, we laughed, we hung out at my corner. I even read a few scenes from Play With Me in front of an excited audience. Oh boy, was I nervous! You know that feeling when you look at a roller coaster that has 5 loopings and a free fall at the end and you know you’re going to get into the cart in just another moment? Yep, that was totally me before this.




Since this event was a romance convention, some nice eyecandy couldn’t be missing of course. For a special show on Saturday night, the hosts invited the German Magic Mikes of sorts. They call themselves The SixxPacks and, holy flip, after coping a shy feel I do get why, lol!

Going out with the girls afterward and getting to know some folks that I’ve been talking to on Facebook for years was the real highlight for me that night, though. They’re such lovely and amazing people. I’m thrilled about the chance to have met them all.

The only thing awkward was the hotel. I don’t know what the designer smoked badwhile planning the bathrooms, but they sure were an adventure of their own kind. No bathroom door to begin with… And then you had glass everywhere. Since I went there with a friend and not with my husband, showering meant stepping out of my comfort zone. 😛

But bathroom issues aside, last weekend was an epic experience with unforgettable impressions. I’m still surfing on the aftermath of the adrenaline wave. ❤

If I’ll be there again next year?




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