How do you like your hero?

Right at the beginning, I have one basic question I want you all to answer:

How would you like your hero?

I prefer mine with an athletic body, a touch of danger in everything he says, and a mischievous grin that gives me goosebumps. I also like them to come with a nice dose of sarcasm, because I think that’s just my second language. LOL

As the reader you have to rely on your favorite authors to capture a nice guy with a fine description. He must make the right moves, say the right things at the right moments, and look just perfect. I hope all of you have found your dream boy in a book which you can read time after time and fall in love with the hero all over again.

As the writer, you’re clearly in the better position. You don’t have to go with someone else’s taste, but you create your own Mr. Perfect. For me, Ryan Hunter was one such guy.

When I started writing PLAY WITH ME, I was all set to make Tony the sexiest guy alive (for me). I had him standing in this cool way in Liza’s door at the beginning, he gave her that half smile, and he hugged her like a best friend. But at the moment I typed the name Ryan Hunter, I caught my own breath at the imagination that came up with this name. Most of the time, he wears these white shirts with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, that clash so awesomely well with his devilish, black hair. When he looks at a girl, he makes her wonder: Oh my God, did he just notice that my heart stopped beating because of him? And when he hangs out with his friends, he can be playful and stupid and still be sweetly adorable.

The book was short, but I managed to pack everything I want in a guy into those few pages. It’s like I granted you an exclusive glimpse into my personal dream guy zone, which I didn’t even tell my best friend about. 😉 Well, she read the book by now, so I guess she knows pretty well what I like… LOL

All right, I told you mine, so now it’s your turn to tell me your favorite trait in a character that makes him irresistible for you. If you’re game, leave a comment and share your most protected secret with us 😉



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7 thoughts on “How do you like your hero?

  1. I think that Ryan Hunter is pretty awesome! He’s one of my favourite heros *-*
    Another hero I love is Daemon Black and when I thought about it I noticed that they are very similar. So I guess, I like that kind of hero. 🙂
    Ich hoffe, dass mein Englisch einigermaßen verständlich war 😀

  2. Ja… ^^ Weil ich dazu neige unlogisch zu sein und weil ich Englisch eigentlich lieber mag… ergibt vermutlich keinen Sinn 🙂

  3. Probably the most important thing for a hero for me is a sense of humor; cute kind, sexy kind, annoying, whatever, as long as he’s funny.

  4. How you described Ryan is ABSOULUTELY the same for me😏😊🙌
    Espesially a sweet guy!

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