The missing epilogue

You won.

Even though I explained exactly in THE TROUBLE WITH DATING SUE why I didn’t add Sue’s epilogue (It was her glimpse into the future, not Chris’s. He got another glimpse!), many of you felt betrayed and unhappy when they finished reading Chris’s POV. I know it because I got a high number of emails with complaints about it.

Honestly, it made me sad each time I read one of those messages. Many people said they only read the entire book to see that particilar epilogue through Chris’s eyes again.

Is that true? You really did?

Because if you’d told me so in the first place, I wouldn’t have spent 10 months writing a 500-page book, but only altered the last chapter for you. You could have saved me a lot of time. Chris is the only book in the series that I didn’t write for myself but solely for your pleasure. The book was quite hard to write, too. Thus it took so long.

However, I never wanted to disappoint anyone or make my readers unhappy. Also, I wondered myself for quite a while how this scene would look through his eyes. So, in a ten hours session, I wrote that scene again from Chris Donovan’s point of view today. And more. Yes, you can now look forward to an even deeper glimpse into their future and a small extra surprise at the very end.

The book has been updated with the epilogue on all internet retailer sites. You can also read the bonus chapter here on my website.

I really and truly hope you’ll like it. I, for one, did smile when I was done.

Happy reading,


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13 thoughts on “The missing epilogue

  1. Hey! I’m so excited about this… I have to say that I was one of the disappointed people looking forward an epilogue on Chris’s book, but also I understood your reasons, so I didn’t pushed.
    But! I also have to admit that it makes me really happy to read this.
    What’s gonna happen with all of us that already bought the book? Is your blog the only place where we’re gonna have acces to the new chapter?

    Hugs and kisses from Chile.

  2. Your ebooks are saved on Amazon. If you download it again in a few days, you might get the new version.
    The bonus chapter will be up for about a year on my page. 🙂

  3. Its true that I really really wanted to know how he felt, but please don’t feel as if there was no need for you to write Chris’ version because that was my favorite book of all (and I just read all 6 books in a week)!!!!

  4. Anna i feel that if you get enough people to support you into making “Grover Beach Team” into a movie you can do it. I support this idea a lot i would love it to be a series of movies.

  5. I am really happy you decided to do the epilogue, I was also one of the people hoping that you would do it but, I didn’t read the book for that I just really love these books and Chris’s POV story is defiantly one of my favourites whether you would have done the epilogue or not. Can’t wait for more!

  6. Because the book has been updated a long time ago. It was available for three months after release. If you got the book only recently, you have all chapters in it.

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